High-Severity Flaws Uncovered in Bosch Thermostats and Smart Nutrunners

In recent IT security news, major vulnerabilities have been found in both Bosch BCC100 thermostats and Rexroth NXA015S-36V-B smart nutrunners. Specifically, these high-severity flaws, if exploited successfully, could potentially pave the way for attackers to execute arbitrary code on the systems that have been compromised. Romanian cybersecurity company, Bitdefender was the firm who uncovered the critical flaw in the Bosch BCC100 thermostats back in August. The firm has warned that attackers could weaponize this vulnerability for their malicious intentions. The discovery underscores the increasing security risks associated with internet-connected devices and signals the pressing need for manufacturers to prioritize cybersecurity in their products.

Published: Mon, 15 Jan 2024 13:46:00 +0530