PixieFail UEFI Flaws Expose Millions of Computers to RCE, DoS, and Data Theft

An alarming set of flaws, collectively termed as PixieFail, have been unearthed in TianoCore’s EFI Development Kit II (EDK II), revealing gaping vulnerabilities in millions of computers worldwide. Brought to light by Quarkslab, these nine issues lay exposed in the UEFI specification, an open-source implementation of the TCP/IP network protocol stack present in modern computers. The vulnerabilities present a serious threat, making the infected systems susceptible to RCE (remote code executions), Dos (denial of service), and Data Theft. Such a grave security risk necessitates immediate preventive measures to safeguard the user data and the integrity of the infrastructure.

Published: Thu, 18 Jan 2024 14:49:00 +0530