U.S. Feds Shut Down China-Linked “KV-Botnet” Targeting SOHO Routers

The U.S. Federal Government has announced the neutralization of a potentially harmful botnet, named the “KV-botnet”, that targeted small office and home office (SOHO) routers across the country. The botnet was reportedly controlled by a China-linked, state-sponsored actor by the name of Volt Typhoon. The existence of the botnet was made public by the Black Lotus Labs team. Although the specific manufacturer or supplier of the compromised SOHO routers has not been named, the successful breach underscores the vulnerabilities present in these devices often used by home users and small businesses. The U.S. government continues to mitigate the damage caused and prevent further exploits by the same actor.

Published: Thu, 01 Feb 2024 17:07:00 +0530