TPRM Pro Outcomes & Features

We are not sales people. We are risk professionals.
We built this to mirror & support how we perform our work each day – TPRM Pro does and some.

Everyone will promise you the same tired line they are ‘different’ – Notice how they always end up being the same – Over promising and under delivering? – Here is how we are actually different:

Outcomes for you & your business

  • Drive down vendor risk: Actively identify and mitigate potential risks associated with vendors, significantly reducing the overall risk profile of your supply chain and business operations.
  • Your employees spend more time elsewhere: Frees up your team’s time from manual risk management tasks, allowing them to focus on core business activities and strategic initiatives.
  • Compliance & Assurance ticked: Ensures your business stays compliant with industry regulations and standards, reducing legal and financial risks.
  • Boards and Assurance Committee needs ticked: Provides comprehensive reports and analytics that meet the stringent requirements of boards and assurance committees, ensuring transparency and accountability in vendor risk management.
  • Real-Time Risk Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of vendors for any emerging risks, allowing for prompt response and mitigation.
  • Enhanced Business Continuity: By managing vendor risks effectively, ensure business operations remain uninterrupted, safeguarding against potential supply chain disruptions.
  • Improved Decision Making: Data-driven insights and analytics empower your team to make informed decisions about vendor relationships and risk management strategies.
  • Transparent pricing: Clear, straightforward pricing without hidden fees, ensuring you can budget accurately and understand the full cost of managing vendor risks.

TPRM Pro Features

  1. Questionnaire led: The argument from most 3rd Party Risk tools is the vendor does not fill in questionnaires properly, they are old hat, only sales people fill them in and they are not accurate.
    So we changed that on its head and made sure the questionnaires are accurate using artificial intelligence.
  2. Integrated Risk Scoring: Implement an automated risk scoring system that evaluates and ranks vendors based on their risk profiles, aiding in prioritization.
  3. Third-Party Tracking: Keep track of vendors’ compliance statuses, ensuring they meet your business standards and regulatory requirements.
  4. Automation first: Other tools are still manual, one up from spreadsheets. They still require an employee to spend great effort to drive your vendor risk management programme.
    So we made true automation pipelines so your people have more time to focus on real issues.
  5. Vendor Remediation: This is an oversight with most of the tools we looked at.
    So we made a remediation pipeline to ensure the vendor fixes any risks raised and its automated for you – winning!
  6. Vendor On-boarding: We see most companies struggling to identify their vendors – they don’t have ready to go vendor lists.
    So we built an ingestion pipeline to help with rapid vendor on-boarding.
  7. Document Management: A centralized repository for all vendor-related documents for easy access, management, and auditing.
  8. External attack surface scanning – of you and your vendor. This is an extra chargeable add-on for some tools.
    It comes as standard with your TPRM Pro license.
  9. Vendor Easy portal: so easy any vendor with zero TPRM Pro use or knowledge can drive the questionnaire you send them.
    They get their own portal where they can administrate your questionnaires and remediation tasks you set them – or let the tool do all of this automatically for you.
  10. Real humans, real support: Other tools will drive you round the twist trying to get help or support.
    We will never leave you to a chat bot only for support, we will not send you round in loops on help & support pages – you get a real human.

We guarantee you will be this happy using TPRM Pro or your money back.

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